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 Policies and Procedures

To facilitate easier access to specific MSIA policies and procedures, MSIA is currently in the process of creating a Policies and Procedures Manual.  This Manual is intended to provide an overview of MSIA's structure, functions, and policies.  The ultimate goal of this manual is to provide a comprehensive set of information and materials for Member use and reference in the course of servicing and overseeing the operations of the MSIA program.

Please note that this is a work in progress, so policies and procedures will be updated on the website as they are approved by the Board.  If you are seeking information on a particular policy or procedure that may not yet be developed, feel free to contact our office.

Frequently, the names "policy" and "guideline" are used to refer to documents that fall within the policy infrastructure.  So that those who read these policies can effectively understand them, the following definitions will be used:

  • Policy - A policy is typically a document that outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met.  These are generally point-specific, covering a single area.
  • Guideline - A guideline is typically a collection of procedural specific "suggestions" for best practice.  They are not requirements to be met, but are strongly recommended.  Effective policies make frequent references to procedures and guidelines that exist within an organization.

Your thoughts and suggestions are also welcome and can be forwarded to Jennifer Jobe,, for consideration.  All proposals will be reviewed by the MSIA Policies and Procedures Committee for comment prior to a recommendation to the MSIA Management Committee and Board of Directors for review and action.

Changes and new sections which have been approved by a majority vote of the Members present and voting at a regular or special meeting of the MSIA Board of Directors will be made available as an update to this manual.

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